PVMS Theatre Blog: Learning To Fly, The Curious Way

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is an amazing play that is told through the eyes of a fifteen year-old Autistic boy named Christopher John Francis Boone and his quest to find the killer of his neighbor’s dog. In order to keep Christopher’s story true to the book of the same name, Curious Incident uses specific movement from Frantic Assembly. Frantic Assembly is a theatre company based in England that focuses on using movement and choreography to to tell the story of a play.

To get ready for monologues and getting into character, my classes did different activities throughout the week to explore movement. We did different activities learned from Frantic Assembly master classes. We started off the week building up to the big lifts by doing Push Hands, By-Through-Round and Hymn Hands. These activities taught the kids how to control their movement, how to communicate through small touches, and how to trust each other. At the end of the week they learned the big lifts. The two big lifts we experimented with were the Jet Pack and Spaceship lifts which are used in Curious Incident. Here is a collection of pictures I took throughout the day as we learned each activity.

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