Important Information about 6th Grade Band


To: Parents of Incoming Parkview Sixth Grade Band Students

Your soon-to-be-sixth grade son or daughter has signed up to be part of the Parkview Middle School Band Program!  

Although most students already signed up for an instrument rental back in February, there is still a significant number of students that did not attend the instrument try-out night.  If you still need to acquire an instrument, the most reliable way to obtain a quality instrument is through Conrad Music Service, our local music store located in Corydon, IN.  Sometime over the summer, please take your student to the store to test an instrument and sign up for their rent-to-own program.  The instrument will be delivered to Parkview before the school year starts, and your student will receive it on one of the first few days of school.

It is completely fine to purchase an instrument from somewhere else, but please be wary about cheap imitations of real instruments.  90% of the instruments you will find on Amazon or eBay may seem like a great deal because of the low price, but they are cheaply made and break easily.  Many music stores will not even attempt to fix them because of the poor quality and lack of parts.  The safest brands to look for in your purchases are Yamaha, Selmer, Conn, and Bach.  If you are unsure about an instrument, please contact Mr. Scroggins for suggestions!

If you do not think you can afford to purchase an instrument, we have some school instruments available for use as well.  Please contact Mr. Scroggins if you are expecting to use a school-owned instrument!

Below are some frequently asked questions many people have about Band at Parkview:

  • Students CAN sign up for Band and Choir.  All of our Theater productions rehearse after school, so they can also participate in Theater as well!
  • Almost all of our rehearsals take place during the school day.  There are TWO required concert performances after school with an after school rehearsal before each.  Specific dates and times will be available on the first day of school.
  • 6th grade band students do NOT need to know how to play an instrument to join the band – most have absolutely NO knowledge of how to read music or play an instrument before starting!

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Scroggins at  Phone calls will not work as I am not in the school over the summer!

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