Band Important Links

Essential Elements Interactive

This is the website students will use to submit all recording assignments.  Students can also use this to practice exercises from their Essential Elements book using a background accompaniment track.

How to Submit a Recording on Essential Elements Interactive

Conrad Music Service

Conrad Music is our local music store, serving the Kentuckiana area since 1890.  Most of our students’ instrument rentals are handled by Conrad Music, and they send a store representation to the school every week to service instruments.  Parents are able to purchase band supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.) through the website and have the product delivered directly to the school.  No need to drive all the way to Corydon to get a box of reeds!

Google Classroom

Written assignments that are submitted electronically will be posted using Google Classroom.  Mr. Scroggins will also post a number of resources (videos, handouts, etc.) for the students to access.

Bandmate Tuner

Highly recommended app for all students with access to a smartphone or tablet.  This tuner app is different from others because it displays the written pitch and note name in addition to the intonation of the note.  The app is free, and it is a great educational resource for the students!

Basic Band

A great website for learning about your instrument for the first time.  Just select your instrument from the menu in the top-right corner, and explore!

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