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Parkview Middle School (PVMS) houses grades six, seven and eight with an enrollment of approximately 800 students. The staff is committed to providing an enriching and meaningful education that is aligned to the common core standards. Through academics, athletics, relationships, and teamwork, the mission of PVMS is to educate the whole student.  It is our goal to make PVMS a place where students want to come to learn and grow as people who will make up a community of caring individuals.

The mantra of PVMS is to “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Prepared”. This mantra is embedded in everything we do at PVMS. Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) is a program that has been developed at PVMS and provides an opportunity for students to earn a multitude of rewards for living the PVMS mantra. When students demonstrate excellence in decision making and behavior they are rewarded with “Devil Dinero”. The “Devil Dinero” is currency that is used at PVMS and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, students can save their dinero for a big ticket item such as going to the movies or playing dodge ball against the Jeffersonville Fire and Police Departments. They can also use them on alternating Fridays for a chance to win frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf or spend their dinero in the bookstore or for admission into athletic events.

PVMS offers many opportunities for a unique and rigorous education. PVMS offers pre-algebra to 6th graders, algebra to 7th graders and geometry to 8th graders. There are also many advanced classes that are offered for the high achieving student. In addition, PVMS offers a wide variety of Impact classes such as: World War II History, Peer Mediation, Spanish, History of Rock and Roll, Creative Writing and Banking and Investing. Each student has the choice to take two related arts classes to go along with his/her core classes. These choices include: art, physical education, health, theater, career exploration, gateway to technology, medical detectives, band and choir. It is the goal of PVMS to educate the whole child and by offering these exciting courses it allows us to succeed in doing so.

Students are provided with many after school activities if they choose to get involved. Basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, swimming, track, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling are the athletics that are offered. National Junior Honor Society, peer tutoring, drama, and various clubs are also offered to students looking to get involved. As a staff we know that students who are involved in after school activities are more likely to have a successful year.

PVMS is a great school with wonderful staff members who are dedicated to providing an engaging, enriching, and challenging curriculum that will allow your child to grow into a lifelong learner. Parkview Middle School: Where students learn to be responsible, be respectful and be prepared!

Outstanding Qualities

  • 16 percent increase in English/Language Arts ISTEP+ test scores over the past three years

  • 18 percent increase in Math ISTEP+ test scores over the past three years

  • Award winning Band/Choir and athletic programs

  • Indiana University Southeast 2010 School of the Year

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